Arrival – from 14.00.

Departure – until 12.00.

Arrivals after 22.00 are subject to an additional charge of 10 euros.

Minimum length of stay is 2 nights in the off-season, minimum rental period for the season is 7 nights.

If you prefer to rent an apartment for a shorter time, please arrange in advance.


Billing Policy:

  • On the order day, you must make an advance payment, which is, 30% of the total amount, and another payment for the remaining amount, 70 days before the arrival.
  • If an order is made less than 70 days left before arrival, please make a payment directly for the full amount. Exclusive conditions may apply.

Accommodation can be payed off by an advance payment.

Settlement on arrival. Payment can be made in cash.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If the booking is canceled 70 days or more prior to arrival, the amount will be refunded in full.
  • If the accommodation is canceled less than 70 days prior to arrival, the reservation is non-refundable (special conditions may apply).
  • If the booking is canceled less than 70 days prior to arrival, but any day after the advance payment for services, bank transfer or scan of a certain amount agreed in advance, 100 percent of the amount paid is not refunded in all cases.
  • In case of non-arrival on the booking date, 100 percent of the amount paid in advance is non-refundable in all cases.

How to cancel a reservation:

  • If the number is booked through our partner BOOKING.COM, follow instructions provided in your e-mail or contact the customer service department.
  • If you have booked the apartments directly by e-mail or phone, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
  • Please note that the specified room price is for a maximum of 3 adults and 1 child, for extra guests over 12 years old, an additional payment is required.

Children can be accommodated at any age. Children under 6 years old are fitted with baby cribs at an additional cost, with prior notice.

Payment for additional services:

  • All ordered additional services are included in the total cost of the booking and are paid in advance or upon arrival at the apartments.
  • Animals: Animals are not accepted. In exceptional cases, it is necessary to coordinate with the owner of the apartments, the service may be paid.
  • Accommodation prolongation: the accommodation can only be prolonged with a notice to the owner of the apartments in advance (no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time).
  • Damage compensation: In case of missing or damaged apartment inventory, the perpetrators will pay damages at a rate of 1: 2. If the damage dealt causes an inability to accommodat, the full price of the apartment will be paid during the period of damage elimination.
  • A fee of 100 euros is charged for lost keys.
  • A fee of 100 euros is charged for a lost car parking remote control.


  • pushing furniture (without approval of the administration)
  • Keeping easily flammable materials
  • to cause damage to inventory of the apartments, to leave the electric appliances turned on
  • to accommodate more people than indicated in the apartments
  • not reporting broken inventory of the apartments, In the event of it happening.
  • Use of electrical appliances, except when these devices are taken from the administration and the administration is warned in advance about the use of such devices. (It does not limit the use of various chargers: computers, telephones, shaving machines, hair dryers).
  • To keep animals and birds without prior notice to the administration.
  • To keep aggressive animals that could cause harm to other people.
  • During the night (22.00 – 7.00), cause noise and not let people sleep around.
  • Smoking in the apartments. Fine – 100 euros. For guests’ safety all rooms have installed fire alarms.
  • To leave children without care.
  • To bring out outsiders, to arrange parties or other gatherings.
  • Failure to comply with internal rules.


  • Adhere to the general rules of use.
  • Pay at once for all services provided (exceptions may apply in individual cases).
  • When leaving the apartments, provide keys to the designated responsible person.
  • Strictly follow fire safety rules.
  • When leaving the apartments, make sure all electrical appliances are switched off properly: the lights, TV, etc.
  • Be sure to check that all hot and cold water taps are tightly turned off.
  • When leaving, make sure the apartments are securely locked and an outside person can not get into them.